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Jack Channel

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Anybody been out there lately? Went out a few times last week and some long haired guy was trying to kick everyone out. The first day he said as long as we cleaned up and stayed of the platform we could stay. Then the next day he told us to leave. Whats the deal? The river open enough to get the boat in there?
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Funny you bring this up , i was there on Monday and nobody bothered me.... did well for gills. Came back today and notice tresspassing signs that have never seen before, thought it was odd but meant for guys property not river area. After 30 minutes gut named Al says i cant fish there i ask him where he lives says up in housejust east of bar, that he rents there and owner dues not want anyone fishing. We talked for a few minutes and as usual the main reason is all the slobs who leave there garbage all over, and the many bucketheads. I respected his wishes but am having trouble decipereing where his property ends. Told him hes gonna have a hell of a time keeping people out of there. Caught over 20 gills in 30 minutes with 5or 6 being slabs. Im sure there will be more to this story.
you know what, ive had the same problem. the guys daughter is dying and he actually owns the whole channel and land
his relatives are indians and they owned the land so he has the deed. and actually he messed up the boards to the platform. he pulledin off the stump and now we cant get out with out falling in. ccause i like to fish out there everyday. but just wait till he's gone again
pike will be in in about 4 weeks.!!!! :mrgreen:
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