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Jnap's bass baits

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Couple guys have asked lately, I shared these with some folks before from another site but haven't here yet. These are some of the baits I throw for smallies in the rivers and LM.

The one I use the most, especially in clear water, is the one hanging out of the flathead's mouth. Lizards and madtoms mostly in the spring, in the summer mostly my jigs and the big grubs or crawdads in the rivers. I like the hula grubs in the fall around shorelines.
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jnap what kind of rig do you use for those crawdads/crayfish type baits, i have some yum craw bugs like that and im not sure how to work them and set them up
The big green pumpkin crawbug(bottom right) in the picture is rigged with a gamakatsu jobee finesse hook. Rigged 1/4 inch in the tail with the hook point sticking out the head and barb still buried in the plastic to further prevent hang ups. I use the gamakatsu's(brown, black) or the slider jigheads(black, orange, red) pictured in the brown box.

How you work them would depend a lot on where you were using them. Rivers seem to have endless options with seams, riffles and the like whereas in lakes substrate becomes an issue and I'd look for rocky sections. I'd find some sort of incline and cast towards it, be it shoreline or submerged rock hump, and bring the bait slowly down the slope. With the crawdads I always try and fish them starting shallow and ending deep. Again slow is the key.
awesome thanks, ive had these things for months now with no idea what to do with them ... .php?t=771

That a green pumpkin yum crawbug hanging outta that 17's mouth. Was caught in the K3. He just casts the bait to the front of the riffle and works it down the seam most of the time, always slow and usually with a fish on the end of it.
cool thanks, i havent gotten out in a while hopefully i will be getting out somewhere soon and try these out
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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