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june 14 2009 fishing report

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took my little boat out, put in at cj smiths, we were out there around 7am right away got about 13 nice size bluegill with wax worms then as soon as it warmed up and the party boat traffic came fishing went dead almost had a nice bass but it got away. fun time was had!!!
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o ya my friend had his boat out too, he didn't get any fish but he did get some turtles
Well done. I can't imagine going out in traffic like that. I went over the bridge on 12 around 5pm, and that water was a zoo. I never want to go out on a waterway that looks like that.
What a zoo!!! Nice job catchin em before the zoo opened. That place plays a real mental game with ya on the nice weekend days. Biggest trick I think is find a nice, quiet bay or channel to fish in. Spring lake is PERFECT!
I was there yesterday too, We partied on ol Blarneys isalnd with live music.

I wanted to go fishin but my buds didnt want to because of the sunny conditions, glad i didnt miss much, I was only there when it was a zoo, man the boat traffic there is unbelivable. my first time seeing what a zoo it is there.
i was out partying in the afternoon on my brothers boat fun times!!
Nice job getting some gills. Yea, this past weekend was Girls Gone Wild at Blarneys... 8) That's one reason why it got so packed! :wink:
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