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Kankakee//Prairie Creek

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Was where Prairie Creek meets the Kankakee. Some call it the bathtub. Because of the rain the water was running good over the falls. I Figured it would bring the Smallies in. Was right about that. They were all RIGHT on that seem. Keitechs didn’t work so went to Senkos. Caught 8 nearly one after the other. No size to them, but they were biting.

Sorry no picks I forgot my camera. I am more ticked I didn’t have the camera because of what my nephew caught. Out of all my river fishing all my life I have never seen anything like it.
My nephew was cast netting and caught either a minnow or a super baby fish that was TEAL in color, with a teal back and bars along its body with teal fins. It looked like a saltwater fish. I colored a picture what it looked like. It’s colors were way brighter than the photo. Any idea what it was?
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I promise, I was using my left hand, and in the dark when I drew it. Lol
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Thanks for posting that Mike, and that’s the closest any online photo can how vibrant the colors can get, but that’s not it.
It had a normal minnow shape, not with the big flaring fins of the darter.
And every fin and the bars on its sides were all teal colored. With the rest of the body being another blue as well. It was all blue colors. Unfortunately my little kid drawing didn’t show it was all blue. I ran out of colors 😂

I still have seen nothing online That resembles it.
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