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Got out to Kenosha yesterday early am with Washusjy101 and his friend rich.we were out on the big pond around 4:30 ish we ended up going 5 for 7. 4 kings and 1 laker. as soon as we started setting up in 70 F.O.W we got 1 rigger down with a S.W.R and a glow spoon and that was the only rod out, every time we went to drop another line in the S.W.R would pop.
we went 3 for 3 within the first 35 minutes and thaught this was going to be a awesome day but as soon as the sun came up the fish were gone.
we were out as far as 145 F.O.W we managed 1 more king, lost 2 more and then we went a little unorthadox and landed 1 Laker on the WasHusky special.It was a slow day for everyone we talked to as well but it's always better to be Catching than fishing. :lol:


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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