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Kenosha Harbor

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First off just wanna say whats up to all the anglers here on WCF. I was wondering if any one been to the Kenosha Harbor lately, I was talking to my cuz and he basically said the its been a hot spot for some Trout and Salmon. I recently got into fishing again and i've been hittin up the Busse scene and Winthrop Harbor caught only 1 rainbow trout at WH and bass n crappie from Busse. Im going to KH at 6am today. :lol:
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Welcome to the site! Haven't been to K-town this year. Let us know how you do.
i sure will...
I usually hit up ktown a lot, especially during the fall...just haven't gone much this year. Last that I heard, they were getting a lot of browns on small white tubes under a float. You can always try some lake shiners on a slip sinker setup if the tube doesn't work. And if the slip sinker doesn't work, try golden roaches/large fatheads/nightcrawlers under a float and keep switching depths. Ktown is a great spot, but you just have to see what's working on that day. Wish I could fish LM, but none of my friends want to get up early :x and it's boring going by myself. Good luck and welcome to the site.
Welcome to the site, GotFish, glad to have you aboard.

I personally don't get up to Kenosha enough but i'm sure several of the guys here can offer some good advice.
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