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Kid toys vs. Fishing lures

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When the fishing is good and easy I grab toys left laying around the house and I find a better use for them.

My parents never let us leave toys in the bath tub.
Art Paint Ceiling Font Wood

Here was tonight's lineup. The LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) led off casting to the best locations but it was difficult and strikes were few.
Asphalt Toy Road surface Pollution Wood

Hand Sleeve Finger Grass People in nature

Plant Sky Outdoor recreation Tree Hat

Tubes always win over LPS but I like to post irreverently now and then. I'll make real Red Green Show old school cheap reusable, effective homemade lure for these smallies.
Sky Plant Tree Branch Hat

I'm going to try to post more this year but it might be difficult with my work schedule. Hopefully I'll have something worthwhile and interesting to post about. Good luck to all of you the water this year.
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Beautiful fish. You know you have a honey hole when you get to experimenting like that!
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Love it. I caught a smallmouth once on a stick that I had added hooks too.

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I remember your troll doll bait. Very creative. Bass are really smart but really dumb.
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