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Started at Emricson park in woodstock. Caught a few dink bass and tons of 'gills on crawlers. Thought I'd swing by the Kish to see what that river holds. Then came back after the Kish trip to get tons more stuted gills and a 16" bass on a crawler. Nothing on a baby -1.

Found this on my way out.

Kishwaukee Report. Fished the dam at rt. 14

Caught 3 of these Hornyhead Chubs (never caught this spieces before)

and caught a shinner for the first time ever. Too bad I couldn't get a game fish here.

After all that I went to a private pond (without permission) caught 1 10" 'gill and left cuz I was so scared I'd get busted. Then went to the Fox.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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