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Fish under the northside of the bridge that goes over the channel....Fish on the east side of the channel. There is parking. You need to get there very early or it tends to get crowded with people fishing with chartruese span sacks. I would not recommend this approach it is like fishing for carp with corn.

Use a tube jig or a tinsel jig under a slip or just "free" jigging. It's much more enjoyable moving the jig through the water than sitting on your hands waiting for your bobber to go down.
Who says you can't free jig with spawn :roll:. Also I would perfer sacks or tubes as the catching ratio is like 10 to 1. Spawn will out fish tubes and jigs anytime. I will put my money on that.
I fish with spannnn and jigs for dying salmon. Trout will aggresively hit a tube or tinsel. You can fish with minnows under a slip for perch I use jigs and cranks. To each their own. And no, there are times when jigs, tubes and spoons will out produce spawn dramatically. Depends on the time of year and how much effort one is willing to exert.
I have yet to say something positive! :roll:
This shit is just too crazy Joel!!! :lol:
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