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Lagoons 10.30.05

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Hit the lagoons from 7:30 to 11 with my bud Sean and I went 2 for 2. And boy what a great day it was for me!!! Boated the biggest bass this year! A whopper 20 incher at just under 6lbs and another 14 incher. All I tossed out there were green pumkin 5" senkos. My buddy tossed out spinners and white slugos with no luck. Sorry bud!!!

Launched Yonah (my canoe) at lagoon 7, I think, off Forest way and just south of Dundee. It was quite breezy about 15-25 mph winds which kept blasting us and spinning us around. Fished the west end of the lagoon, then by the dam and back east towards the launch and that's where both fish came from. 14 incher was close to shore but the big girl was about 30 ft. off shore in about 6-8 fow slowly grazing the bottom weeds. I had missed the first hit from this girl but tossed it right back in the exact same spot then, whamo!!!! The best fight I've had this year! Damn I totally dig fishing! She even spun the canoe around a bit and headed under the boat but managed to pull her up. Man I love senkos!!!!
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You know... I'm so pissed that I haven't fished the Lagoons more this season. What a way to make for a great post Augy! Freaking AWESOME bass!
damn dude! i thought a guy had to go to florida for bass like that... looks like you ditched the skunk, can't wait to get out!
Beautiful Bass Augy and nice report

Nice avatar :)

Keep them coming

It`s almost the anniversary of ur hawg catch buddy ! :D
Wow what a hog Great job Augy A guy I work with goes there alot I would like to try it there
Nice catch Augy, senkos are a good bait. They catch fish all year round.
in all kinds of conditions. What number senko do you remember?
That was an awesome fish! I remember that you used to have that picture as your avatar, but I never saw the posting on how you caught it. :D
"HAWG" nice catch Augy that like looking at a Playboy centerfold to me :shock: (Not you Augy the Fish) :lol:
Yikes, that girl has put on the feedbag. Way to go Augs.
yup, my personal best. wow, already one year has gone by. guess i won't be breaking my record this year. seeing this picture again makes me want to try deep lake just one last time. :mrgreen:

it was caught on a 5" green pumpkin mike.

thanks for the props guys.
Augy, great bass. I got a chance to bike around the logoons yestesday but didn't fish. You have imspired me to fish there something soon. Thanks.
Thanks Don. Hope you get on some kickass fish when you go out. and welcome to wcf.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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