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Lagoons 5-21

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The Lagoons are on! Stopped over there on Wed without my rod :evil:
My brother was down there in our usual spot just South of Tower Rd. My bro was throwing a white twister tail jig in and around the fallen trees and was catching nearly every species that swims there. He took a few really nice 7" Bluegills. They just inhaled the jig. Also, several 10" Crappies and a bunch of small stripers. Before dark he landed 2 Walleyes (one about 2 lbs and the other a very nice 4lb fish. He followed that up with several dink Bass. He also had a bite off that may have been another Walleye or possiblya small Northern. Had he been targeting LMB specifically, there were plenty cruising and on the beds. This week should be awesome! I no
longer have reservations about BIG Walleye in there.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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