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Lake Arlington 4/22/08

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Went out to Lake Arlington this Afternoon from 11 till about 230. Fished the entire lake and boy its a hike all around the lake. Basically went out there with my Zoom Baby Flukes, I thought I had the color I usually used with me at my other ponds, Albino Shad but guess I left them at home. Used a Watermelon Shad on a 1/8 oz Keeper Weight. Basically threw parellel to the shore lines and hooked up with 2 landed 1.

All hook ups came between the point on the South East Corner. Bass where about 14 in. I know alot of you guys go out there and fish this lake, espicially Jason, " Site Admin". What is the most productive bait to use out there. So far I have thrown alot of plastics. Senckos and Super Flukes but the bass dont seem they like the Senckos at all. Well heading out there this morning.

I will be the guy out there in the White T-Shirt and Black Hat.

Chris :D
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The senko bite picks up in the Summer. I have caught quite a few bass out of there on senkos including one that went 18", but it's more of a Summer bait.
I have caught the majority of my fish out there on cranks and dropshot.
The cranks I work diagonally from the shore and I like when they slightly bang the bottom when cranked hard.
I've worked all sorts of plastics before here with success. Typically you will see plastic grubs on a jig do well.
Ive been there this week and had some luck every day. Try a manns baby minus 1crankbait, I also saw a guy who had luck with fly fishing for the bass.
Today I had two big bass shake me off :oops: And for the second day in a row i got a huge strike that must be a pike.
Catch all kinds of fish on the fly-rod mostly bass and sunfish you can catch them all nite. When i fish regular tackle i have best luck with silver shad crankbaits.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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