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Lake Arlington Fishing Report: 9-16-06

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Mostly sunny, temps in the mid 70's, south winds 10-15mph, fished 6pm-7:15pm.

Used several Senko's but the pumpkin red/green flake 5" did the trick. Lost 2 decent fish of about 14" when they jumped. Then landed a beauty of an 18 incher! What a nice fish! Finished up with a 12" bass. I need to go to this lake more.

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That's a nice LMB there Jason. Thanks for the report. I need to get out there more often myself.
Whereabouts on the lake did you pick up the 18 incher?

All the way in the northeast corner where there is a storm grate or whatever it is.
I've never fished the east side of the lake before. Only the west side near the parking lot. Maybe I'll take a trip out there sometime this week.
I've never caught anything by that grate. I thought it was too shallow there.
I've never caught anything by that grate either. But hooked into 3 this outing.

Toothdoc - Rich has caught some bass by the parking lot but I almost always venture around the entire lake. The south shoreline half way down is a great spot and the north shoreline down from the gazebo is good too. And quite naturally, i'll be fishing the northeast corner from now on.
Jason, thanks for the tips! :D
nice dude. getting some quality fish these days man.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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