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Lake Arlington Report 3/29

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Hello all, New to the site. Thought I'd share my outing to Lake Arlington today. Fished from 330-430 and caught about 10 surprisingly nice sized bluegill. I was surprised at the size because I usually catch smaller ones there but today was exceptionally good. I wish I had more time to catch more but I'll have to head back out there tommorow and try again :) All were caught on a bobber with a pinkie jig with waxworm. Fish were at random depths but most were caught when I set the bobber about 3 feet from the hook and threw it out in the middle (in the north arm closest to hintz road) with a slow jerk retrieval. Here are some pictures! I'm off to a pleasent start for the open water fishing season! Good Luck!

Here's one of the bluegill I took a picture of ... EBsNo1GFo5

My favorite pike spot: ... KEBAQlK_lX.

Too bad I can't post these as images :/
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Hey G...

Welcome to the site.

Are you sure that first pic is from Lake Arlington? I don't recall seeing a bridge like that.
No no, that second picture is of the Des Plaines river at euclid. BTW, I just checked the AHPD website and they claim to have stocked northern pike in the lake. I'll have to do go out with golden roaches one day.
Hey G... that's great to know! I'll have to check out the site.
I can't see the pics for some reason. Nice to see that people are catching fish.
Went out again today and killed em! Great times at Arlington, same bait...using a small jig with waxworm and bobber, slowly reeling it in...although 90% of the fish caught today with the bobber standing still. All were very nice sized bluegill, perfect eating size. I'm still amazed at the size of these things because last year they were all so small! Oh well. The lake is C&R only this year. Don't know if the water is clean enough to eat from but i'd take 5 for the frying pan, no reason to take anymore than you can eat :) Good luck all!
Way to go, G. Just remember... this site strongly supports local regulations. Lake Arlington is indeed catch & release only this year. We HAVE to respect that. You DIDN'T take any fish... right?
no, i didn't take any fish. I don't take any fish from IL, unless it's a few perch during perch season or trout/salmon during their season. If I catch fish for dinner it's going to be from WI.
Links to the pics aren't working for me either. But good to hear of fish being caught in the DP. Time to pull out the canoe and do some pike fishing at DP. Who wants to paddle with me?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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