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Lake Carroll, Carroll County, IL

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I am heading there on Saturday to a friends lakehouse. Anyone have any info on this lake? I have no idea what the ice conditions are there so it could just be a boozin weekend but I would like to squiz some fishing in. Any tips or info would help, Thanks Guys
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Nick, you are one lucky guy to fish Lake Carroll. The Creel Limits are awesome too. Lets just say MONDOS!!!!

You might want to call to get ice conditions...

Good Luck out there man, Call me when ur back to let me know how you did...
Spiroh, Thats definately the place, Looks badass Huh?. Thanks

Dave your right I should probably just call there. Ill give you a shout later.

Thanks guys.
Hey Nick when I was out at Galena two weekends ago there was 15" of ice. Not that it helps much now but if Carroll doesn't pay off keep on driving west! :lol:
Thanks JB.....How did you end up doing at Lake Galena?
Hey Nick we got a few bass on tip ups and when I mean a few I mean like 3 or 4. Biggest ran 18" which was nice but that was all we got. No perch, no crappies. We did manage to find the fat gills back in one of the bay areas alongside all the other icefishermen. Saturday by the marina sucked for us except for the bass. Couldn't find gills or crappies. Went back by the North cove and killed the gills. Went back to the cove on Sunday and still managed to find the gills but I was hoping for a mixed bag. Ah well. Hope you do better.
Yeh thats fishing. At least you got something better than I have been doing.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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