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Lake Geneva Tournament

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A buddy and I are fishing a tournament on Lake Geneva Saturday. I am a little hesistant as I have only fished Geneva for about 4 hrs. total my whole life. Looking back on previous weights it takes about a 4 lb. average to win it (darn locals). We are pre-fishing Friday and hope to lock onto something we can be succesful with Saturday. I am off to Gander to stock up some some goodies. Hopefully I will have some good news to post on here later this weekend :D
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Good luck Matt! If anybody from WCF can do it, it's you!
i use to fish geneva every weekend with my dad, we have had good luck in williams bay area, its the next bay west of the touristy area of lake geneva, we fished the easter shoreline there are alot of weedbeds and dock and had pretty good luck,so if u have time give it a try.Good Luck!!
Matt if you need some spot's to fish let me know if you have a hot spot map I can show you some spot's I know that lake like the back of my hand. I use to fish italot when I had my boat. If you ever need a free Guide seeing you have the Boat I would gladly show you some spot's That lake hold's some good fish Especially Smalllies in the spring
Thanks guys. Bassman, if you want to shoot me a PM I do have a Hotspots map. I have been reading reports of Geneva for a couple of years now so I have a good idea of what spots and what baits to do. Any advice whatesover would be more then welcome though.
We finished first with a limit of 6 bass at just under 18 lbs. 5 largies and 1 smallmouth. I had some boat gremlins that are going to take away all of the payout, and then some, but it was still nice to win the first tournament that I entered. No pics as of yet because the digital also took a hit and needs to be sent in for repair. When we pre-fished Friday I was catching fish on buzzbaits and cranks, while my partner was throwing plastics with little success. After the front moved through I couldn't get anything to go power fishing. After my buddy put 3 in the boat on senkos I switched it up and slowly but surely we culled our way to a real nice bag. When my partner emails me the pics from the weigh-in I will put them up.
Congrats Matt! That's very cool. :D
Thats awsome on ur 1st tourney too ! congrats.
Thanks guys. You know, this tournament might of created a monster. I did not really feel as much pressure as I thought I would. After all, I don't know what anyone else is catching, so I really am just competing and challenging myself, which I enjoy. I think I am going to enter the Delavan tournament next May. Much bigger $$$ and I would of beat the winning weight of this year on every one of my Spring trips.
Matt sorry I didnt get you those spots but it sounds like you had a good day anyways
Thanks guys. You know after the fact, I learned that culling in WI is against the regs :? I guess I was just going by how I saw the big boys on tv do it and never thought twice. Just a fair warning for you guys that go up there and keep fish.

s, here are some pics from prefishing.

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Thanks for the tip Matt. I am from Wisconsin and I never knew that regulation.
Thanks again guys. You know, I'm sure culling fish in WI tournaments is done all the time, but kept under the table. I understand the rule, but for a practical sense in a tournament with money on the line, what do you think guys are going to do? Just a thought.
Matt, I am absolutely certain that culling is done during tournaments. I have heard of guys doing it during smallie tournaments all of the time. That's why is was surprised that it is illegal in Wisconsin.
Awesome job, Matt!
Thanks Jason. I got a pic of the weigh-in that I will post this morning.
Pic of the weigh-in

Mark missed the big bass by a few ounces. This one was 3 1/2

A nice plate taken on an X-Rap pre-fishing
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