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lake glenview 6/8

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first time i ever fished here and definatly going back :D fished from about 12- 2:30, fished mostly the dock on the east side, used a 5 inch brown senko.I had 2 lm bass one of them when i was pulling it out of the water onto the dock it jumped off the hook. But i got a pick of the other one.
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Good job! There are definitely some bass in that lake. I caught one there last year that was over 4 pounds.
Nice fish :) I'll have to give it another try the next time I fish Beck.
try just south of the piers. between the piers and the second bridge. that's where Jason, Tony and I had some success last outing.
isnt it like fenced off because thats what i wanted to do but there was like a fence in front of a bunch of plants
Great job, Jordan! Glad you got out there. There also some big walleye in Lake Glenview. I'm hoping to try for some this weekend.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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