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Another very quick outing and another "what the hell am I doing?" change up.

Got to the lake at about 7:30pm; clouds building, winds kicking up and storms approaching. Temps around 90. Fished until 8:00pm

Headed to the same spot I lost that big bass the day before and after a few casts, it was evident that bass, or any others were probably not in that spot or hitting Senkos. With the wind blowing hard out of the west and the overcast skies I again asked myself "What the hell am I doing?" A Senko right now? Wrong. So I tied on a spinnerbait and walked around the lake to the wind blown shore. Sure enough on the first cast, a 12.5" bass. Got in about 6 more casts before the weather was gonna destroy the Earth and got the hell out of there. But, glad I listened to my intuition and switched up to a bait more conducive to the conditions.


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