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Fished Lake Glenview for a couple of hours from 6:30pm - 9:00pm from the kayak. Temps around 90; west winds 10mph; sunny. Water was quite stained.

So this was my 4th time out on Lake Glenview in the kayak. Overall, my success has been minimal. Despite the surprise tiger musky(!) back in late May, the action has been very few and far between. Now granted, 4 trips does not a season make, but, with the long ass haul from the parking lot to the launch, i'm not so sure i'll be schlepping out to Lake Glenview many more times this season with the kayak.

On this steamy evening, I worked around many areas tossing spinnerbaits along weed edges but could only muster up 1 bass of about 13". As the sun set I tossed some frogs into some weed pockets and shallows but had only 1 fish take a pop at the bait.


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