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Lake Glenview Fish Stocking Information 2000-2006

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Thanks SO much to Robyn Flakne - Natural Resources Manager for the Village of Glenview, IL for this information.

Lake Glenview Fish Stocking History

Bluegill 500 fish

Largemouth Bass 300 9"-11"; 200 12"-14"
Channel Catfish 2835 lbs.
Northern Pike 100 12"- 14"
Walleye 500 8"-10"

Channel Catfish 1250 lbs.
Walleye 500 7"-9"

No fish stocking

Largemouth Bass 150 8"-10"
Walleye 150 9"-12"
Fathead Minnow 100 lbs.

Largemouth Bass 85 lbs. 10"+ (spring)
Channel Catfish 50 fish 8"-12" (spring)
Northern Pike 10 fish 10"-16" (fall)
Walleye 140 fish 7"-9" (fall)

Largemouth Bass 100 10"+
Channel Catfish 25 8"-12"; 25 1 lb.+
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Hey Jason thanks for finding and posting that info. I always wondered exactly what was in there...

Anybody been out there lately? I've been swamped the past 2 weeks and haven't been out. Man I'd love to catch a pike there...
Thanks for the information Jason. I talked to a guy that works for the Glenview Park District that is there fishing all of the time. He told me that they stocked it again last year. I didn't know that they did again this year. That is good to know.
nice info jay. robyne sounds like the kind of women all anglers would love to hitch up with. i bet she sounded like a hottie too. :mrgreen:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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