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Temps in the low 80's, variable winds becoming strong late, mostly cloudy with storm approaching.

Tony (#1cubsfan) and I hit Lake Glenview at about 5:30pm and fished till 8pm.

Found the largemouth bass protecting their beds close to shore and hooked a total of 8. The largest was 18" by Tony (pic coming soon). All the other bass were in the 15 inch range with a couple around 12".

The key was white 5" Slug-go's and white senko's. I did have a hit on a white chatterbait but missed it. White was certainly the key color today.

Nice afternoon of fishing and some decent bass action!


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Great time fishing perfect night and maybe i might have found my new favorite local lake. Tons of quality fish in here and if you are looking to hook into some big carp there are literally hundreds of them all over the shore line spawning right now. I saw must have ten of them rolling and flipping around in a ball.
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