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Lake Glenview Fishing Report: 7-17-06

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Very hot - temps in the 90's, stupid humid, hazy skies, w/sw winds 15-20 mph. Fished from 7pm-9pm. Got to meet another WCF member - Tim (krnfishboy7786) so that was cool. But the fish did not want to meet us. Fished with Augy and Tim till 9pm then gave up, but they didn't - we'll just have to see a follow up post if they caught anything.

Worked almost the entire eastern shore of the lake with soft plastics and even some topwaters but nothing. Only a few others were out but didn't see any catches.

There was a family catching bluegill and keeping them, but another angler named Terry let them know that was not allowed and called the police. Didn't see the police show up, but when I walked past the family they had already emptied their bucket and I kindly let them know that they cannot keep fish from this lake. They smiled and nodded politely and that was that.
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Terry was an employee of the Glenview Park District. He now works for The Northbrook Park District. He still fishes at the Glen and helps keep an eye on the rule offenders.
Hey Jason did that Terry guy mention "Lily Pad Lake" to ya while at the Glen yesterday? He was talking about it to me for a few minutes but I completely forgot where he said it was... an hour north? I kinda wanted to check it out, sounded pretty good fishin' b/w all those pads.
Got the skunk off my back. phew! Between the ne pool and nw pool in a channel between the small island. it was pretty dark but it seemed like 11-12". 5" smoke pearl dinger fished slow.
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