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Lake Glenview Fishing Report: 8-24-06

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Fished from 5:30pm-7pm. Funky weather day, huge storms in the morning and ominous skies all day, temps in the 70's/80's, variable winds.

When I got to the lake the clouds broke a little and the winds picked up out of the south east about 10-15mph. No action in the southern bay of the lake, then went past the bridges by the timber but the shoreline was pretty flooded. Went back to the south bay and worked opposite the rock wall. Picked up a chunky 17" largemouth bass on a 5" purple Yum Dinger. Nice fish. Worked another 45 minutes but nothing else.
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Looks like a nice one Jason.

"When it doubt head to the south"

The trend continues.
That's a pretty nice fish for the Glen.
Nice fish Jay ! Good job.
Thanks, guys. I was surprised she was only 17", seriously. She fought like a truck!
that sure is a nice fish. it's a dandy! good job bro.
Thanks man. I'm not getting on quantity of fish lately, but the quality has been pretty darned good!
That's a great fish for the Glen. Hey Jason thanks for the PM, I'll be comin' home for labor day weekend to pick up some stuff to bring back to the dorms lol... Deep Lake anyone???
Nice Fish Jay !!!!!!!!!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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