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Lake Glenview Fishing Report: 9-7-06 Regency Outing

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Finally, I got to take some of the residents of Regency Nursing Home fishing this year. I take them out at least once every summer, but getting a date coordinated this year has been challenging, until today.

In total we had 5 Regency residents, 3 staff and 1 family member. Usually I stock us with live bait but I decided not to this time - enough little bluegill, it was SENKO time!

We only caught 2 fish, but resident Les K. caught a beautiful 17" largemouth bass. It was such a hoot when he hooked it! The drag on his Zebco 404 reel was screaming out and so was he! I helped him bring it about 15 feet from shore and he did the rest. What a great fish.

I hooked into a nice 14" bass later that fought like mad.

Not great numbers of fish, but 2 big fish! A wonderful time!

I'd like to thank Regency Activity staff members Ms. Chris, LuLu, and resident Rich Turek's wife June for all their help.

Les' 17" largemouth bass

Jay's 14" largemouth bass
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It looks like the bass are coming alive again at the Glen! Thanks for the report Jason.
Very cool Jason. You got some good karma coming your way :wink:
Great job Jay!

I been skunked on my last 3 outings at the Glen,maybe its time I leave the south pool alone & head north lol.
Great job Jason...when you need to catch fish the senko is a great way to go. What color were they hiting?
I had everyone rigged up with different color 5" Senko's. Les caught his 17" bass on a white Senko. Then we all switched to white but nothing. Tried a few different colors and I caught my bass on a rootbeer colored Senko.

Also, I had everyone using all my rigs and all I had left for me was my new baitcaster. I'm getting better with it slowly. And, that bass was my first fish with the baitcaster. :shock:
Way to break that baitcaster's cherry! :D
Good job Jason!
Don't give up on the baitcaster. Once you get used to it, you won't want to go back to the spinning reels. There definitely is a learning curve though.
you a good man jay. if you need some help next time, give me a holler bro.
Your a good man! Glad you guys got some fish too.
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