Lake Glenview - Glenview, IL

Lake Glenview Facts

Size: 45 acres
Max depth: 19 feet (16 foot average)
Shoreline: approximately 1 mile
Location: Galley Park in Glenview, IL. Bordered by Lehigh on the east, Patriot Blvd. on the west, Chestnut on the north, Lake Avenue on the south.
Fish: Largemouth bass, walleye, northern pike, channel catfish, crappie, bluegill, carp.
Fishing Season: April 15th - November 15th
Fishing Hours: Sunrise to sunset
Boating: No boats allowed. No boat rentals.
Catch and Release fishing is strictly enforced. Please call 847-729-5000 or 911 to report illegal fish harvesting (anyone keeping fish)

Jay's General Comments:

Lake Glenview is located in the Village of Glenview's 145-acre Gallery Park on the site of the old Glenview Naval Air Base. The entire area underwent complete redevelopment in the late 1990's to include the park, the lake, a school, a senior center, a fitness/park center, and an adjacent shopping district.[framed_box bgColor="#d57d48" rounded="true" width="300px" height="235px" align="right"]History Note: Gallery Park is named for Captain Daniel Gallery - who's notoriety is for commanding the ship which captured the German submarine U-505 during World War II. If you've ever been to Chicago's famous Museum of Science and Industry, you've no doubt seen the U-505, where it has been on display since 1954.
[/framed_box] The lake itself is 45 surface acres with maximum depth of 19 feet and an average depth of 16 feet. Lake Glenview is surrounded by a beautiful wildlife habitat and biking/jogging trails.

Fishing is a popular recreation at Lake Glenview. The lake has been stocked on a regular basis with largemouth bass, walleye, northern pike, channel catfish and crappie. Sadly, the predator species of walleye and northern pike have been less prevalent in recent years, believed in part to be from illegal harvesting by anglers. The lower numbers of pike and walleye have also resulted in a proliferation of carp and gizzard shad.

Lake Glenview is a very picturesque setting and provides some nice angling opportunities, particularly for largemouth bass. The south bay of the lake, adjacent to the parking lot and Chestnut Avenue features a long rock wall which is easily accessed for fishing. The west shore of the lake by the fountain, adjacent to Patriot Blvd., is another popular spot for anglers. There are two bridge areas, below which is a designated fishing area. Two connecting piers along the east shore are designated fishing areas, as is the area surrounding the Lookout Tower on the northeast section of the lake. Designated areas along the rest of the shoreline are fishable and marked as such. Due to shoreline and habitat restoration, certain sections may be closed to access. Shoreline and habitat restoration is of paramount importance. Please obey regulations posted and fish in designated areas only.

The primary water source for Lake Glenview is stormwater runoff/drainage. The lake's outflow is connected to the West Fork of the North Branch of the Chicago River. While the water quality is closely monitored and considered good, water clarity is often turbid, especially during periods after rain. Average Secchi Disk depth reading in 2012 was 2.2 feet. The aquatic foliage consists mainly of curly leaf pondweed. Water lillies are also present along the east shore near the piers, south of the bridges and in the south end of the south bay.

Lake Glenview Fish Stocking Information

100 lbs of largemouth bass
25 8"-12" channel catfish
50 lbs of channel catfish (big)
75 6"-8" crappie
15 10"-15" northern pike
75 6"-8" walleye
10 lbs 9"-12" walleye (approx 20 fish)

50 lbs 8"-12" channel catfish
30 lbs 8"-10" largemouth bass

35 lbs of 8"-10" largemouth bass
50 channel catfish 1 lb+
15 10"-16" northern pike
10 7"-9" walleye
125 3"-5" black crappie

100 largemouth bass 10"+
50 channel catfish 1 lb+
50 northern pike 10"-16"
90 walleye 7"-9"

2013 (expected stocking)
100 largemouth bass 10"+
25 channel catfish 1 lb+
50 northern pike 9"-14"
150 walleye 7"-9"

Jay's Bottom Line

Lake Glenview is a beautiful addition to the north suburban fishing scene. If you're in the area and want to wet a line, it's a nice place to go. Big bass probably top out at around the 18" range, with 12"-16" being much more common. Crappie fishermen will enjoy a good population of fish in the 8"-10" range. Small bluegill are also present in decent numbers. Catch and release fishing is strictly enforced. While not necessarily a destination to seek out big fish, Lake Glenview certainly provides a modest fishery.

Lake Glenview Accommodations

As part of the Glenview Park District, the lake and surrounding park areas are very well maintained and cared for. There are clean bathrooms with running water on the north side of the lake. The park center on the south end of the park also has plenty of accommodations. Parking is plentiful in the lot on Chestnut and on streets surrounding Gallery Park. Restaurants can be found in the nearby Glen Towne Centre and as close as 1/2 mile away on Waukegan Avenue. Water fountains with drinking water are also in the park. The fishing piers are handicap accessible.

Lake Glenview Location

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