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Lake I The Hills 0330

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Got on lake for 7 hours today and had a very tough day. Fishin was slow to say the least. Matt can you belive only 7 crappies today! Did get 8 bass but biggest was only 13 inch, at least there starting to wake up. Cats were uncommonly agressive for this time of the year picked up 3 18, 21, 24inch who took my mini-mite an fathead for quite a ride. Darn kitty took me all over including a fun time under the boat.... still cant believe he didnt break me off. Not gonna go out till we get a real warmup again.[im
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Thanks for the report. Man that cat really inhailed that mini-mite!
Mike, that last picture is too much!!! I am with you concerning the weather. Things are slowing down for me too.
Not sure which is uglier the cat or the guy holding it. LOL! Just kidding buddy. I love how those cats fight.
Looks like you on them this year Mike. Could be a capital year for you.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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