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Lake Michigan Fishing Report: 7-27-06

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Worked some areas south of downtown for smallmouth bass with JNap and Don. Did not experience the success they had a night earlier. We had lots of taps, but no smallies. Did catch a nice rainbow however...
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looks more like a skunk :lol:
You know.... for the entire history of mankind, the rainbow has been a beautiful act of nature and God that is a spectacle to behold.

Now I have nothing against the homosexual community, but since about 10 years ago the rainbow is forever connected with gay pride! WTF!!!???

They've got the damned triangle thingy! Give the rainbow back! As a proud heterosexual I WANT HE RAINBOW BACK ON OUR TEAM!

Ok, done ranting. Ooohh Ellen is on in a few minutes, gotta go! Yay!
:lol: This joke's gonna go on forever :)

I agree with you, Willy. That's definitely a skunk no matter how you look at it :D
guess i didn't have to go there :mrgreen:
I'm still new to all this fishing stuff so help me out here. Are there certain seasons when you're not allowed to fish for certain fish?

Last night me and a buddy went to Montrose to catch some perch...I walked into the Park Bait Shop and asked what was biting...the guy said perch were biting on soft shell. So then today I get a call from my mom, who works at a local tavern, and she said a guy in there told her that perch season was over and I'm not supposed to keep them.

I know Jason, you're big on catch and release...but not with perch...not even you can throw them back...right.

Anyway, I guess what I'm asking is perch season over and what season is it now and how do I find out if I can get in trouble for catching the wrong fish?
perch season is closed for the month of July.

check IDNR's website for fishing information in Illinois waters.
Perch season is closed in Illinois waters to those age 16 and up. 15 and under can fish for perch.

This is done because the perch come into to spawn during July and they are very easy to catch at that time. With a zillion people trying to catch them while the fish are trying to reproduce, well, that hurts the reproduction.

When I fish for persc during the other months, i'm usually with someone who wants them and I give them my keepers. Otherwise they go back - i simply don't eat fish. Don't like any seafood in fact. :shock:
perch season re-opens in a few days for those over the age of 16 on LM in illinois
ditto on that Jason, except the ellen part, just don't hit on me ok... :lol:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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