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Next weekend i plan on heading down to Burnham to do some fishing. Now with all of this warm weather were suppost to be having, will the ice be melted by next weekend. I hope it is If it is i hope to just walk in between the docks and either perch fish or go for smallies. I probally will do some salmon fishing while im there. Hell, if there are even carp in the water thats what i'll go after. Just lookin to get something big. Now with last year being the first year i fished lake michigan i don't know anything about spring fishing for salmon. Is it to early? How do I fish there for perch? Would I be better fishing for salmon or what? I would like to just keep tossin a jig under the docks and hoping for a smallie. Any suggestions or tips and pointers would be appreciated. :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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