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Lake Michigan Museum Campus 6pm-7pm

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Bought the 2-month Burhnam & Dusable parking pass a few weeks ago. Tried to fish Dusable, but no attendant on duty, so I didn't want to chance it with a ticket in the 15 min parking zone. Then I went down to Burhnam to park in the qualified lot. Didn't find it. The cops and fisherman there weren't too helpful, so I just metered it along the museum campus drive street parking.

Fished a red/gold cleo and a 5" spoon (switched back and forth) from behind the Shedd all the way to the 12th Street beach (barely south of the Adler) from 6-7pm. No bites at all until I got to the shoreline all the way behind Adler, when I hooked onto this:

with the spoon (on 8-lb fireline). As I was doing my slow retrieve, the drag just went zzzzzipppppppppppppp. I was completely caught off guard after almost 45 minutes of futile casting and retrieving. No camera on me so I brought it home to get the picture--plus I know the in-laws will happily cook this one up.

I have no scale at home, so no clue of how much it weights. Maybe 8-lbs?
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nice catch eric. fish looks awfully beat up however. not sure if you wanna eat that thing.
Good job Eric !
Thanks guys.

Augy, I will let my mother-in-law decide whether or not she wants to eat it. I noticed the white spots on the under belly (right below the mouth) too and initially considered releasing it back, but the fish looked healthy everywhere else and considering it was my first shore salmon--ever--I had to bring it home to document.
you know us asians, we'll eat anything! :mrgreen:

you could probably eat it, just don't eat too many like them. :wink:
Not sure I would eat'em. Let us know how it goes..nice catch
Way to go, my friend! I would up not going out anywhere after you called. I ate too much alfredo pasta for dinner and fell asleep!
I've eaten fishy things that looked worse than that. :?
Good job Edai!!!

JasonN said:
I've eaten fishy things that looked worse than that. :?
Damn :p :D
Nice catch Eric. It looks like the Salmon run has started.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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