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Lake Opeka

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Anybody fish Opeka? I know they charge a fee (how much?) but I rarely see anybody fishing it and it would seem to be a pretty decent fishery from the topo maps and lack of pressure. The clubhouse has been closed the past few days (possibly the golf course is shut down for winter) but I think I may head over tomorrow and try my chances on the southern end for a little bit. Any advice?
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Is that Lake Park? By the Allstate Areana.
Lake Opeka/Lake Park is supposed to hold some decent fish. I few years ago I received an email from a guy who had been fishing there for years and he spoke of large northern pike, catfish, largemouth bass, etc.

Looking at the topo map, it would seem that all the best structure is along the golfcourse side when fishing is not allowed.

I'll try to get more info and post it this week.
Ah, the golf course is closed until April :D Me thinks I'll head over there today sometime to check it out..... yes, near the Allstate Arena. It's also very near my house.....
I just spoke with a staff member of the DesPlaines park district about Lake Opeka.

He said that the primary fish in Lake Opeka at Lake Park are Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike.

In September 2005, 500 largemouth bass from 1.5-3lbs were stocked. Another stocking will take place in the spring.

Paddle boats and rowboats are available for rental but they are currently undergoing revisions of pricing, etc. I'll post that info when it becomes available.

Ice fishing has not been allowed the past few years because there hasn't been safe ice according to the rep. Perhaps if we do get some good ice this year, we'll have to bug them about letting us ice fish.

It does cost money to fish at Lake Opeka. For residents it is $5.00 per day and $30.00 per year. Non-residents are $6.00 per day and $50.00 per year.

I'd certainly like to hear from others if it is worth these prices to fish.
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By the way... i've added a Lake Opeka forum.
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