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Lake Sherman in Northbrook

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Has anyone ever fished Lake Sherman in Northbrook? Is it private?
address: 1150 Sanders Road, Northbrook, IL 60062

Our church is having a pinic at that park/woods Saturday and I was thinking of taking the wife if and only if there's a point fishing that pond.
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Hey, I know this is a few days late but...
did you mean "Lake Shermerville" a.k.a. Wood Oaks Pond? \
Yeah, I think that's the one. On google maps, it only said Lake Sherman, but I am pretty certain we're talking about the same place. I ended up not going on Saturday, but for future reference any fishing done there before? ... 4,0.012735
wait, I'm sorry yes it is called Lake Sherman, I just got a little mixed up -- I think it used to be called lake shermerville but I just call it Wood Oaks Pond.

Well, yes it is completely public (except for the north end by the houses) and it's also catch & release only, but it isn't enforced AT ALL. Tons of bucket fishermen -- but I hardly ever head out over there anymore to really say anything to them.

I actually grew up fishing 'Lake Sherman' as a kid and there are tons of catfish, carp, and bluegill in the lake. There is also a good population of bass and crappie -- I actually pulled a 3lber out of the lake almost a decade ago when I was in middle school fishing a plastic worm.

I say that it's a great little lake to go if you want to just sit back and relax using live bait -- that's what I usually do when I go there. I'd reccomend fishing the west end by the bridge using a float and worm or minnow. There are actually some decent sized crappie in this lake and some really nice catfish. I haven't seen any bass pulled out of there in a while though... I know they're in there b/c I saw them stocking it with bass yearlings a while back.

Here are a few pics from Lake Sherman.

This was the only decent sized bass I pulled out of there about 8-9 years ago, it's the fish that got me hooked on bass fishing for life, lol

I also took some friends there earlier this summer in late may/early june fishing nightcrawlerers.

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well, if you released that bass you caught almost a decade ago and it has matured, it should be a fat fat bass now. Go get em!!!
now that I look at the photo, that bass was probably short of 3 lbs...
Let's just call it my first 18 incher, lol...

and please, no comments about my hair.. hah hah
Hey Augy, lol
I actually caught that bass before I really knew/understood "Catch & Release" fishing.

I was actually fishing there alone and when I caught it, I was shaking b/c it was the biggest thing I had ever caught and I knew that nobody would believe me unless I took it home...

So, I folded it in half put it into one of those big ziploc bags and threw it into my backpack and rushed home on my bike.

The photo was taken in my backyard by my mom... lol

and my parents almost made Meh-wun-tang out of it...

which for everybody else is a spicy fish soup that Korean people eat.
I fish there pretty regularly....Crappie, bass, carp, bluegill, and some big ass catfish....Very weedless except in the west end (other side of the bridge). They do allow ice fishing there . There are people who leave lines in the water and come back to check them.......I do know of people who walk along the shore line and cut those lines.........It is catch and release.........always some bad apples who spoil it for the rest of us....don't want to sound like a bigot...but english is usually not the first second or third language of those who spoil it for us......
You might suggest to whomever superintends that pond to post signs in Spanish as well. I know that there are probably Croatian, Polish, Czech and tons of others who tight line fish (I also assume that is what they are doing) but at least some would be informed and many would probably stop.
Yeah, there are definitely some giant catfish in there! I've actually pulled out a few real nice ones -- one was actually a white (slightly pinkish) albino catfish, it was pretty gross... haha

but JJ, I've never seen those lines that people just leave out, but I see lots of people by the bridge and that back cove with white buckets, and every now and then I see em' sneaking back there to that parking lot not by Sanders Rd. but kinda by the hill to empty em into their cars? My friend was working for the northbrook park district and he used to bust those guys, but seriously it's so hard to always be there watching.
They attach the end of their lines right under the metal barrier that runs around the lake.
Thanks guys for the great responses. I will definitely have to check that place out sometime. Sounds like a good relaxing place to fish w/o constant casting and working of lures.
I will make sure that I bring my scissors, if I ever go there.
People leaving lines in the water really annoys me. My family and I went out to the Rock River a week and a half ago and I lost a couple of spinners and a crank bait on what I later realized was a pretty discreet trot line (they probably don't check every 24 hrs like your supposed to). I was really tempted to jump in and cut it to shreds but it was a wee bit to close to the dam for me.
first let me say this, I CAN'T STAND GEESE! especially the ones at Beck. HOWEVER, i am seeing more and more one legged geese around many of the lakes I've fished. fishing line wraps around their legs and slowly cuts away at it and finally the leg gets amputated. imagine how painful that must feel. it's not a fast process either. It's truly sad to see. You just wanna put them out of their misery or get them prostethic goose legs.

Whenever you see discarded line around, please pick it up and dispose properly. I know it's not yours, but we just can't leave it laying around for some poor animal to get entangled. And if you see someone discarding trash, especially line, give him an earful! or kick his ass!!! seriously, mention something to them or call the cops. it's our responsibility.
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