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Today was crazy hot.

I started fishing at 7:30AM by the dam at Lake Storey. I usually try not to fish bait, but I've been skunked here many times before on artificials. I wanted to be able to pull on something today. Tossed a spit shot rig with crawler and put it in a rod holder. Meanwhile, I threw a green 5" senko to see if I can entice a bass. Fish for 30 minutes and I was starting to feel the heat. As I was winding in my senko right by the shore, I felt a snag and then a head shake. Wow, I had actually hooked a fish. This LMB measured 12".

Went to a different location and used a bobber rig while continuing to fish artificials. The blue gills were busy on the crawlers so it was a bit annoying. A few times, I saw the bobber go down and get dragged out pretty far. It seemed unusual for a gill, so I decided to wind it in. Man, it turned out to be a small bass. Several casts later, the same thing happened. Only this time, it was a catfish (I think).

Got really dehydrated, so I called it a day at 11AM.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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