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Lake Storey - Galesburg, IL / April 22nd

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Went to Galesburg, IL for Easter. Went to Al's to get some live bait - minnows and night crawlers - before hitting Lake Storey. Al is a very nice guy and runs a good tackle store. Started fishing about 7:30AM by the boat ramp near Henderson. All the ice were gone.

Moved around to various spots and ended up at the other boat ramp. Chatted for a few minutes with a guy about to launch his boat. Right as he was getting on his boat, I get two solid bites. I set the hook with the minnow on a Carolina rig and have a great few seconds fighting a fish. To my surprise, it was a 11" crappie.

I just got a new cell phone without a camera, so no pictures. That was the only fish caught for the day. Stopped at noon and spent the afternoon just chillin.
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LOL. Great Story... That made me laugh because I use my cell phone for pics to post. LOL half the time I need it, I wish my digital cam still worked. A new one will be here by late spring though :D LOL Good story. Its a great story for that is how fishing can be at time, Atleast it wasn't the skunk! Thanks bud!

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