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Me and Miro headed out again after a long week of work again. Decided to go to zurich as we've had a ton of luck there in the past. Caught my personal best a 39" Musky from there. It was very windy on the lake, so we headed for a small canal that is just off to the left lot of trees so no wind at all. Right away i got a bite on the bottom and a large roach it was a small bass. Shortly after my float went under, using a crappie minnow and no leader managed to get the pike in though, he was a jumper. Later i caught a small walleye (10") and Miro caught a small Perch and another bass. All in all a pretty decent day.

This lake used to be our "go-to" spot, but the last coulple of years the fish are almost non existant. After some construction work and a walking path was built the fish seemed to dissapear (spring and fall). Anyone have luck here anymore. I mean 3 years ago we would not go ten minutes without a bite now its skunk city.

Can't post the pics??? what the hell man can you please fix that??? why would there be a quota?

Cliff G
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