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Here is some info for thoes who don't fish for cats and are willing to give it a go.

Big blue catfish most often are taken on oily baitfish such as shad and herring that have been cut into chunks or fillets.

Channel catfish, bullheads, small blues and small flatheads will eat almost anything. Live crawdads, minnows, night crawlers, shad, catalpa worms, salamanders, insects (especially grasshoppers), frogs, leeches. Almost anything dead: chicken liver, mussels, shrimp, shad, frogs. Weird stuff like Tender Chunks dog food, marshmallows, hot dogs and Ivory soap. Malodorous brews of cheese, decayed meat, blood and viscera; stuff that could honestly gag a maggot, indeed throw in the maggots for good measure. And at times jigs and crankbaits.

The bottom line is, you can use almost any bait imaginable and sooner or later you'll hook a catfish.
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