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Lasalle trip anyone?

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Been thinking of heading out there in a couple weeks. More than likely a Saturday. Wondered if anyone else wanted to go? Was going to try for some cats and stripers. More than likely will bring my boat, I'm gettin to old and lazy to walk far these days. :lol:
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I'm game for that Ron. Saturdays are good for me too. Email me and let me know.
I was thinking the 25th, but will pass that date becasue of the tourney at Deep that day. Maybe Sept. 1st?
Ok, just got a clear day for Sat. Aug. 18th. I'm going to bring chicken livers and crawlers. Will try some artificials for the stipers and see what we can do!

Anyone else?
Well, the weather isn't looking to good for this weekend. Probably will postpone this trip for now, and try again in a couple weeks.
So I made it out there finally on Sunday the 1st. Got on the water about 6:45am, the air was nice and cool with a heavy mist off the water. The guy that launched next to me said the water temp was 81 at the docks. Headed out along the West shoreline- Threw all kinds of spinners, spoons, plastics etc... nothing.

Switched to chicken liver and gizzards. Got one baby striper, and the blue cats started hitting around 9:30am. Ended up with about 20 blues all day, averaged 14-16" and about 2 1/2-3lbs each.

Took a trip over to the "hot" side of the lake before I left, and the water temp was 104*! And there was a guy fishing over there, said the carp were biting like crazy... ?

Got back and loaded up, and there was a DNR biologist taking info on what everyone caught/kept, bait used etc. He told me one of the boats said they had landed 40 blues, using mainly cut shad they had caught in the cove by the launch before they went out. Biggest they brought in was 29" and around 14lbs. He also said the stripers have been slooow. I left around 3pm.
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Sounds like a great time. I imagine that this time of year you mostly have the place to yourself.
Way to get on those Blues Lip Yanker.

Way to go! Sounds like it was worth your trip for sure.
Thanks guys.

FishinMatt said:
Sounds like a great time. I imagine that this time of year you mostly have the place to yourself.
When I got there, there were about 25-30 trailers in the lot already. And around 12:30, there was a mass exodus off the lake. When I left there were only 6 boats out including me.

Will try and hit there again in the next few weeks, probably the 29th/30th if anyone is else is interested. I'm taking my son to a fishing tourney 5 mins from my house this weekend, and I know the next WCF tourney is the 22nd (which I hope to make).
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