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Last night wasn't my best showing but I avoided the skunk.

Met up with a friend at 730 and we did some night-time fishing with the almost full moon and all. Friend stayed until 930 and I went until 1015 and could have gone longer but a fishing-related injury forced me to retire.

It was a tough bite as really nothing was found, yet we couldn't understand it because conditions were in our favor.

Casting solely large minnowbaits I finally had a decent hit from mid-river current at 1015pm. It turned out to be a small Pike. I don't know what possessed this fish into hitting because Pike have really poor vision at night.

As I released the fish, it went crazy and my left thumb got stuck in its gill rakers. As a result, I got an inch-long cut on my left thumb and it was bleeding everywhere. I tried to continue on with the fishing but it was a lost cause and couldn't handle it.

Still better than not fishing.... I will try again tonight. Might do a double-header at DPR and then one of its tribs.
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