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Late Report: Busse SP 6/17

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Hit Busse SP by boat and with the wifey from 6-1030. I got 1 nice 15" LMB and 2 sm eyes (15" and 10") using a shallow shad rap fishing dropoffs. Wife got the skunk using worms and bobber. It got hot quick and wind was nasty, spent more time boat positioning than fishing. Good to get out on the boat regardless.
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Right on, MrB! Glad to see you at least caught a couple of decent fish. Boating on Busse is nice because you can work SO many areas that can't be reached by shore.

Thanks for the report.
I gotta get my canoe out there sometime. I'm so lazy to haul it out there by myself tho.

How much was the rental at Busse. Last time I checked it was like $25/hr or something ridiculous like that. Heidecke boat rentals are $35 for half a day crying out loud.
Not sure on the rental, I took my boat on the South Pool. If its 25 bucks thats nuts! Do they really get people to rent them for that much?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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