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Was out later in the day on Deep Lake.Wanted to find the Crappie;but,spent way too much time on the NE. end.Nice to see those other guys got some Bass earlier. Had three observations: 1)The ride up there about noon was crazy.Seen 4 accidents ,one right infront of me .All were on 294.Darn drivers were most likely tailgating or cell phones and carelessness in the express lane.A tip is not to take that lane.Every accident stops traffic;because there is a periodic shoulder and signs that say no passing.Was passed twice.One gold jeep I saw later hit in the backend. 20Marked Fish all afternoon along the N.east shoreline from the reeds to the sandbar.The other 3 boats werent doing too well(accept for the guys with the great Bas photos.Good job.I bet alot of work?30 At Deep,Beck, and axehead noticed most fish hanging in deep or lethargicly put. The Air Pressure had been over 30-31 bars for at least two weeks. I writer in a baitshop in FoxLake described how hard it is to get fish to follow bait in that condition.If they see it overhead ,it's awfuly hard for them to go up. Jason, or anyone ever want to get a guide with advice on how to read a Lake, I'd be in for it or help find one.There are so many variables that affect a good day on or along a lake. Giving Deep and Beck a try again Thurs.,Fri., and Saturday.Weather is going to be great.Hope the fishing is! Tom
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Great report!!!!

294 going up there is a total mess. Should be ok at 3am Saturday :wink:

Coming back is not so bad.
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