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Let's Fish Lake Glenview Saturday Afternoon - June 3rd

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Ok, gang... should we try to hit Lake Glenview late Saturday?

I'm thinking we meet around 5:30pm and fish till sunset.

Post your thoughts/availability.

June 3, 2006 - Lake Glenview - 5:30pm.
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Sounds like a good idea to me. I'll probably be there anyway.
Will be there. I just gotta pick up a new rod cause my dumbass snapped mine while closing the power window. :oops: I'm due for a new one anyway. Anybody know of any good sales going on?
Augy, Dick's has St. Croix Premiers and Triumphs on sale for $59.99. It is a good deal for the Premier, but I would stay away from the Triumph as I have heard some bad reports on them. I have 3 Premiers and have been very happy with them.
4 of us so far. Come on gang... got some good bass action going on this week.
If my 13 year old son is feeling better, I'm sure that he'll want to go too. He's been home sick all week.
hope your son is feeling better doc. and thanks for the dick's sale. i'll have to stop by today.
I'll meet everybody by the parking lot off Chestnut just west of Lehigh at 5:30pm. PM me if you need further info.
I probably won't be there until later. I will try to hook up with you guys. Are you going to be fishing the south side of the lake near where you are going to park? There is a deep area there with rip rap along the bottom that holds some walleyes.
I will most likely be on the east shore, between the fishing piers and the bridge. At least to start.
good luck out there today guys, catch some big ones and post pics. Wishi i culd be out there but i gotta work
Hopefully we will Jordan (admin edit). See ya next time.
ya,well my names actually jordan thats just a sn i use doesnt really mean anything
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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