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Lets talk Delavan

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I am an avid Delavan fishermen. If anyone wants to trade tips, swap stories, ect., lets do it here. It is a heck of a fishery :D

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Have not had the opportunity to fish this body of water yet but would love to. Was that pike from Delavan?
Augie, yes it was. There are lots of pike in Delavan and it can be great fishing during different parts of the season. I started off in May trolling the weedline at about 8 feet.

Here are some caught trolling on opening weekend

As the water heats up, I like to throw buzzbaits early and fish suckers on the deep breaks during the day

Here is a buzzbait fish

And a sucker fish

We also will troll DT10's and DT16's during the summer. As the water cools down the fish disperse a but and we have to work much harder for them. I also like to bass fish and occasionally walleye fish there too.

Here is my nephew with a nice eye

And a nice early season bass taken on an X-Rap

And a late season bass taken on a sucker

Of course, I like the other people in the boat to catch some fish too!!!

Here is my buddy with his biggest pike ever

And another buddy with a decent pike

If you ever get a chance to make it up there, give it a try. It is a relativly easy lake to learn w/ big fish potential :wink:

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I need to start logging in before I post :oops:
Nice catches! Delevan definately lookss like it is well worth the trip! I've gotta make it up there!
Topwater, this year is about done for me, but if want to make it out next year, let me know. If you have a boat you can tag along or come out in mine. I am already counting down the days to opening weekend '06 :p
What kind of boat you got there Matt? I'm digging the color!
:D The boat is a 1989 Astro Quickfire. Its 18.5' w/ a 115 Merc. I bought it last December. I had been looking for a boat for years and the price was right for this one. It needs some electrical work for the accesories as well as a few minor touchups. This Spring I put a Minkotta 70 lb. thrust with co-pilot on it, but I would like to upgrade one of the fishfinders and add rod holders to it too. It kind of has a retro look to it, doesn't it :p

As far as a Delavan report goes, my buddy was up last week and caught a 28'' muskie in the launch channel on a Grim Reaper Spinnerbait. The rest of the day only produced a few pike follows. Reports are that the lake is turning over, which explains the hit and miss reports I have been reading. The overall cosensus has been that the bass and pike have been responding to bigger baits. Get out there while you can.

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Dude, if it floats and you can fish off's a kick*** boat!!!! At least you can say you have one! :wink:
Your right Augy. I feel like I got my money out of it just from this year. After breaking my Non-Canada pike record over and over again at Delavan this year, I can say that it has been a blast. My plans were to fix a few things on it this winter, but I just bought a new house so that may have to be on hold. I will probably just winterize a few things and put the cover and tarp over it. Maybe next year :wink:

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