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Here is the fishing report. Me and my partner Steve Poehelein and staff member Bruce Belanger have been working hard to keep our customers on fish and this time it payed off. On Sat Feb. 7th we had no customers so we decided to fish the Jug Bourdeau tourney. A tournament that has been going on for 10 years. We started out fishing a area that prouduced a 26" eye which we released. We moved to and other area with no results. Steve decided to move and try another spot. He iced a 26"er there also. We knew this was not going to do it. So we new we had fish on structure along some old dead weeds. We had customers there earlyer in the week and managed a few. But they would not turn as the under water camera indicated. But we decided to give it another try. When about 6.40 all Hell broke lose with me landing a 10 1/4 lb eye Bruce landing another at 8 3/4 lber When I looked over at my past customers shack from Rhinelander Wi. Just as they held up what was the twin to the Hawg I just landed. They were not in the tournament. So they took some pictures and let her go for the next guy. He is going to send me his pictures, so I will post them when I get them. Here is the pics of my 1st place fish anlong with Bruces 5th place eye. With the photos of the Gary Rounders group from Broolklyn MI. with their 10lb, 8.5 lb and a 26incher. All in all not bad a 1st and a 5th out of 200 plus entries. Not bad for having a day off.
For everyones info we still have opennings for guided trips thru the end of the season.

Mark @ Hawg Heaven Guide Service


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