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Well head up to North East Iowa on friday. Got to my camp site just in time to set up my tent before it was too dark. roasted some hotdawgs, had a couple beers and hit the hay.

Got up early on sat. and was gonna do some trout fishing, oinly to find more then half the camp had already been up and left without me...i said i was on vacation and needed a little sleep. HA... finally got the GPS to work and found the rest of my party fishing Lil Paint creek in the Yellow River state park. Met up with them to find that they had been doin pretty well with the stocker trout, and were all close to having close to having there i guess they didnt need me to catch dinner. :? i did catch a few little brook trout. this guy was the best looking one....( the trout not me).

Tiny little guy!

After the limits were all caught,(almost too easy in these Iowa put and take streams) and we all were gonna be eating good, me and Jessica were off to do some expolring.... i really wanted to get some use of the new GPS unit, and thought there no better place then the driftless area we were in. we started hiking!

We found a small pond/swamp...that after making the adventure through the tall grass/ tick zone. ( Jessica is allergic to grass, but that didnt stop her)...we made it to the waters edge, and i could see bluegils we decided to fish this for a little...and im glad we was hot hot and i was tired of walking.

I had my new Revo STX i wanted to try so badly, but i had 6lb P-Line on it, cause i thought mainly i would have been fishing for trout...after working out the kinks of the new reel, and the light line.... i wrestled this PIGGIE in!

was caught on a strike king flippin jig brown and black skirt, with a orange and brown craw trailer.

Caught a fews nice ones, not really picture worthy after that first fish.
I changed up to a chatter frog and was ripping it threw weeds and it fast almost like a buzzbait...and i get a mack truck strike i set the hook and 3 seconds later( during those three sec, i am picturing the biggest bass of my life!), goes airborn a nice snake....after the acrobatics the fight was pretty much over.... 6LB p-line really did its job today!

also missed a big fish...but had a very fun day, on some new water!
Went back to camp enjoyed dinner under the stars...and crazy campfire stories, but thats a whole other dealio.

JayPee the HHF!

if anyone wants to find this place, hollar at me i got GPS cords. :D
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