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LM 7/06

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Got out with a friend from 2-9pm. First 90 minutes in some deep water structure we found last time out didn't produce any fish so we started our milk run. First spot 4 fish, 3 rock bass one smallie with a big miss on a deep crank(I always wonder how the heck I hook fish so well on jigs and miss big ole bangs on a crankbait with 2 trebles that has 6 finger prickers). Worked a wall with crankbaits that produced 4 rock bass and then the other side produced 6 rockies one smallie and basically a hit on every cast so we worked it a second time(and a third too) next go 3 smallies 4 rockies. We were picking up weeds regularly so there I am doing my thing and it feels like I'm stuck on a ton of weeds. With all my fishing intelligence when I feel the bait stop running correctly I start cranking the reel like a madman so I can clean off the bait and hit the same spot before the boat is too far away. Well when I got this "pile of weeds" to the surface it jumped out of the water and I realized it was a different aquatic species. Was only about ten seconds of andrenaline filled cranking before I could feel the fishes lip rip off. Kicked my own arse the whole drive home thinkin that probably wasn't the best way to try and land that fish. I hope that fish survived our encounter cuz I know what it likes(or liked) to eat and where the dinner table is. 3 more smallies and too many rockies to count we called it a night. Great time out, not too hot not too cold goldilocks type weather :D Lots of action but the biggest fish in the boat was my buddies 17. For 2-3 evening hours rock bass action was non stop. They were hitting crankbaits as big as they were. Was funny stuff seeing a fish hanging on a hook attached to a bait the same size, almost thought it'd be good to use as bait.
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Sounds like a ton of fun, JNap :D It's a great feeling when you know you've run into one of those special times/places when the fish are just going bonkers and hitting everything in sight. I've noticed that this happens more in larger bodies of water, like Lake Mich or the ocean, than smaller freshwater ponds.
Wish I could see some action like that. It's been awhile since fish on every other cast be it rockies or smallies. It's all fun.
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