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Local Boat / Small Engine Repair Shop Recommendations?

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Hey all! Long time follower, minimal time poster. I have a 1994 75hp Mariner Outboard Engine on my 17 ft Lakeland (yes, pretty old school) that I would like to take in to get serviced and potentially inspected for an oil leak/gas leak potential. I'm not 100% sure if there's a clear issue or not, but I"d rather be safe than sorry... however, I'm having a pretty hard time finding a reliable service shop to take it to.
About 2+ years ago, I took it to "Best Boat Repair" in Leland, and the guy was great - got it fixed up very well. But I'm not too sure he is still in business.

Does anyone have any recommendations to have a boat get serviced/inspected? Any advice is appreciated.

Good luck to all on the water!
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Send this guy a text he will come to you depending on how far away you are Willy boat mechanic 224 659 8134
Hailing's on Grass Lake in Antioch. Been in business since 1920. Yes a 122yrs.... Just scored some parts for my 1977' Evinrude there after striking out at the first 3 marinas I went to.
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