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Coyote and I cancelled our Delavan trip due to the wind and opted for some smaller water. The day started out slow, but picked up quickly right around sunrise. We caught a smorgasboard of species including walleyes, LMB, Pike, Crappie and a nice Cat. Mike was keeping busy with fish using a minnow on the bottom. Including a handful of walleyes, a nice cat and a crappie. I was keeping busy with dink bass until I got a 20ish northern but was to lazy to net it and lost it at the boat.

Highlight of the day was when I got a big northern on, unbeknownst to us it hit a 12" LMB that must have hit my sucker first. The girl didnt let go until we got her in the net. Thats when we realized what was going on.
The fish measured a solid 33" and aside from the old leader in her mouth she looked healthy, rare for big fish in this lake. I removed the leader and set her free so she can get bigger for next year.

This is what the bass looked like after the pike hit it.

33" Northern
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