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Local Pond (in Urbana-Champaign)

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Hey WCF,
It's been a while since I've posted b/c I've been back at school down at the U. of I. I think that I'll still be posting up reports from down here (yeah, I know it's not near the "windycity") but hopefully my reports can help you if you guys are fishing similar bodies of water.

Today I fished "Mattis Lake" which is 5 minutes from my dorm from 2:30pm-4:00pm, cloudy skies w/ a slight drizzle, south eastern wind, and temps in the low 70's. This lake is really a pretty small pond, and I caught 3 bass fishing from the shoreline at a point and small cove (the wind was blowing straight at me)

All my fish were pulled out using a chartreuse old-school crayfish crankbait on my new light action baitcasting rod. I'd cast out and crank em really fast almost whipping them back in and they'd slam em'. I got them to hit the crankbait on a reaction strike I believe...

Looks like I found decent fish-hole right by my dorm to kill the fishing cravings I get....... lol, bass are similar to those at the Glen... aha

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Nice Tim,glad u found a spot nearby.
I customized some of my pop r`s lol

got 2 bass at deep with them,dont really know if it made any difference than a regular pop r but it was fun lol.
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What size hook is that Aris? 2?
ahhhaa, those pop-R's are awesome man.

I think I'll do those to some of my topwater baits once I get my first paycheck (I started serving food in the dorm cafeteria... ) its a crappy job but will help me pay for more.... fishing stuff

The bass fishing club starts soon too... hope to get out on more lakes.

Aris, I'll send you a PM a week or two before if I come home and we can hit up Deep, catch me a fall big'un.

Glad to hear that you found a spot close to school. I wish that I had a place like that to fish back when I was in school.
Mike their #4 wide gap hooks
Scout around down there. When is was at WIU I found some great spots that were hardly touched and I expect it is not too much different over by you. Less people and more water is always a good thing :D
Just remember class first.....until you figure out which classes you can skip.

lol, I skipped wayy too many classes my freshman and sophomore year... this year, as an upperclassman....... I think I've figured out how many I can miss lol :D
Glad to know you're still fishing, Tim. Best of luck in school and keep the reports coming!
nice pond tim. looks like it's your semi-private getaway.
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