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Decided to try something new, have driven by a local pond countless times thinking it might hold fish so finally gave it a try last weekend. I was worried that fishing might not be allowed but came across some bobbers and line in trees so I knew others have tried before, eventually saw two kids there fishing too so stopped worrying.

Now I suspect it gets hit pretty hard because I saw zero signs of fish for the first hour, until about an hour before sunset. Started with a jerk bait then switched to a paddle tail, back to jerk bait and finally connected with a dink largie about 8” very close to shore. Walked around the end to the more shaded side as sunset approached, and connected with this nice 17” greenie, also right up on the shore. Ended up catching three more in the 10” range, lost a bigger one on its third leap, threw the lure up onto the shore, it was the only one hooked a bit further out.

This pond is completely surrounded by tall weeds so access is tough. I wore jeans and muck boots that worked well but it got really hot. Seems like the fish stayed deep until twilight so glad I kept at it, nice to have another place to fish, I’ll be back!

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