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local ponds

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I've haven't been fishing for a while so I decided to go to some local ponds. I was surprised with the gills that were hitting my bass lures. They must have outfished the bass like 2:1. Anyways, I forgot to take pics, but I should have a nice report w/pics when I go tomorrow afternoon. Anyone else been having the same thing happen with the gills lately?
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You might be right about those 'gills, Phil. At Lake Arlington last weekend the 'gills were popping the surface like crazy!

Though most people fish for game fish, when the big gills are hitting, it's a TON of fun!
It sure is...they hit harder than most bass.
I like taking the gills with fly tackle. they hammer the dry flies!
I've been catching 'gills, along with bullheads lately around Dempster/Miner and River Road dam (the same one I said a while ago was no good for fishing LOL). They love the little inline spinners as long as you use very light line. I can't wait for the water level to come down a little bit to go hit up the dam again. It seems like gills, rock bass and crappie hit much harder than LM pound for pound. If you get 'gills out of clean waters, where keeping is allowed, they are great eating.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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