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Lunker on 11/11

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Took the boat to Beck this am and fished from 9-12:30; SE wind, mild to moderate. Fished live shinners (long story) in NW area and moved to north side of island. My buddy caught a 3lb LM just off the middle part of the island. Good looking fish! Otherwise the only action we saw were the gulls trying to snipe out shinners!
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I'll take a 3lb'er anyday! Live bait is sometimes the only way to go. Especially at Beck. BTW, what boat???
My boat! It's just a 12' Aluminum rowing shell that I have fixed up a bit for fishing. I bought it mainly for up north but drag it out to Beck once in a while. It helps........

We ended up having about a dozen shinners (long story) left over and none of the shore fishermen wanted them. They said they catch 3-4lb'er with worms under bobbers! I personally find that hard to believe, I fished Beck all summer with lindy-rigged worms and got nothing more than bluegills on 'em.
In those heavy pressure lakes, sometimes a large nightcrawler rigged weightless on a small aberdeen hook using 6 lb. test or lower works well for me. They will wait for the bait to sink to the bottom, inspect it, then suck it in. Leeches work well with this presentation also. Suspending them under bobbers does not seem to work for me as well. I think that presentation is unatural and the fish can see the line better. JMO
Thanks Matt! Hadn't thought it through like that. I need more of that kind of explination, helps me understand the philosophy of phish thinkin' I guess. I'll have to try the weightless technique there. I've done the bobber thing but without much strikes, a lot of nibbles and bluegill, my impatience with lindy-rigged set-up not working now makes more sense to me as well.
All the minnows I throw are weightless on 4 lb. and its deadly for bass. I think it goes back to what Matt said about the presentation.
This is certainly getting to the time of year, especially on FPD lakes, where free-lining minnows is the best presentation.
There are a couple 20' holes just in front of the ramp . Try tossing into the holes and maybe you'll hook up with mr. pike!!
I forgot the depth finder today, would have been nice to have and at least been able to have fished drop-offs. I've kinda gotten spoiled at the private pond and used to just throwin a shinner under a bobber, waiting a few seconds and bam, Mr Bass strikes again! I need to get back in touch with reality and re-learn some of the basics of fishing.
Tim... That's actually good to hear you say. EVERY angler needs to always learn while fishing. And if that means getting back to the basics, then the basics it is.

EVERY single professional sport, from fishing to baseball and football preach the basics. Without the basics, the natural ability and talent can never happen.

And that, my friend, is why I have this site. So we can ALL get better and share in the frustrations and exhilerations of fishing.
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